Economic Contribution

Economic Contribution

ZICON is dedicated to building and maintaining a robust, enduring business for the benefit of societies of the province or area in which it operates. The company strives to contribute positively to the development of the economy and society of the province or area in which it operates through the creation of wealth. ZICON aims to meet its year-on-year financial targets, so as to achieve excellent growth in all aspects of the business.

ZICON is committed to keeping accurate and reliable records to ensure that the company can manage its affairs properly and meet its legal, financial and reporting obligations. ZICON views its responsibility to help bring about the economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans as integral to being a good corporate citizen and truly South African company, as well as a sound business imperative that will enable it to maintain its high performance over the long term. ZICON will proactively strive to meet the targets set by regulations governing broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) in the areas of ownership, management, employment, training and social investment.

ZICON’s procurement policy supports suppliers and contractors who in turn support the transformation of the South African economy and society. The company will actively promote the use of black suppliers for the provision of goods and services, and aims to develop long-term strategic relationships with black empowered business partners. ZICON will assist its suppliers in their endeavours to comply with the regulating governing board-based on black economic empowerment. In turn, the group will continue to implement transformation initiatives to retain its own status as a black-empowered supplier and service provider.

ZICON is committed to economic empowerment through enterprise development and will actively form partnerships and joint ventures with black businesses to transfer skills and facilitate the development of strong black-owned businesses.

In addition, wherever possible the company’s procurement policy will actively support the development of local small, medium and micro enterprises.