Responsibility & Accountability

Responsibility & Accountability

While we hold our leaders accountable for the safety of our people and expect our managers and supervisors to provide effective leadership in safety, health and the environment, we equally expect all individuals to be responsible for their safety and the safety of others.

Management of every operating team is responsible for the full implementation of safety, health, and environment management systems. This requires the allocation of appropriate resources and the provision of training, education, consultation and monitoring to ensure compliance.



ZICON is a 100% black economic empowerment company. The company employs staff from across the racial spectrum that aims to reflect the cultural diversity of the areas where it operates. As a local contractor, ZICON has a thorough understanding of local building requirements.

In all its activities the company professionals, employees and sub-contractors are drawn from the local areas and are given the opportunity to excel without compromising quality and standards. Skilled and unskilled labour is recruited from the area where construction takes place.