Safety Policy

Safety Policy

At ZICON, we are committed to our responsibilities in respect to safety, health, and the environment, which are integral to the way we do business.

ZICON will develop, implement and maintain management systems for safety, health and the environment that are consistent with internationally recognised standards which enable us to:

-    Entrench safety as a value for our people which are not compromised,

-    Identify, access and manage risks to employees, contractors, and service providers

-    Strive to achieve industry best practice,

-    Meet and where appropriate, exceed applicable legal and other requirements,

-    Set and achieve targets that promote the efficient use of natural resources and include reducing and preventing the generation of waste and air pollution,

-    Minimise the impact of our activities on climate change.

In implementing the Policies, we are committed to open communication with our employees, contractors, service providers and communities to encourage a culture that reflects the intent of these policies